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Thursday, October 11, 2007

I just want batteries!

Radio Shack is probably my second least favorite electronics store (just above you-know-who). The selection is limited and the sales people are obnoxious.
Let me summarize my last visit...

"Hello Sir, how can we help you?"
[Walking briskly past the bored sales people at the front of the store...] "I just need some batteries."
[Oh No! The batteries are behind the counter, I NEED to ask for customer service] "Can I get your cheapest pack of "C" batteries?"
"We have these 2-packs for $3.99, but we are offering a special deal on the 10-packs..."
"No thanks, I'll take the 2-pack"
"It's really the best value to take the 10-pack..."
"No thanks, I really only need one battery."
"Can I have your zip code?"
[Sigh. I just wanted batteries] "20xxx"
"Your name?"
[I'm feeling generous, so I hand her my credit card. She can copy my name from that. Don't they automatically have that info if you pay by credit card? I've given my info out before at a Radio Shack, I'm pretty sure. They seem to lose it over and over again.]
[Sale person types on a keyboard for 30 seconds]"Can I get your address and phone#?"
"You don't need that info to sell me batteries, do you?"
"I just need it for our 'system'. We use it to send you coupons and special deals."
"No thanks."
"OK, no problem. Sorry about the battery deal thing, we are required to inform our customers about our great promotions..."
"Yeah, I know, can I have my batteries now?"

I really don't blame the salespeople. They are just doing their job. It's the corporate policy of demanding information from people and harassing them with assistance that drives me nuts. This is somewhat ironic, because you can't get ANY assistance at you-know-where.

That really drains my batteries.