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Sunday, May 04, 2014

One Platers

I hate people who take only one plate of food at a buffet style restaurant.  You know the type.  After you declare that you are going back to the buffet for another plate of food, they smugly push their plate forward and declare themselves "full".  Oh really, after a small salad and a tiny scoop of cottage cheese, you couldn't possibly eat another bite?  Then why the hell did you go to a buffet style restaurant?  Sometimes the answer is because they ate something beforehand.  Why would you eat just before going to a buffet restaurant?  Oh, and the timing is intentional.  They wait until you announce your second plate intentions before they let you know that they are one-plating it so they can rub it in with their smug attitude. 

My strategy is to maximize the value of what I eat.  I skip the cheap and filling stuff like bread and head straight for the good stuff (seafood is often a good choice).  By the time I leave, I want the manager shaking his head in fear that they won't afford to stay open if more people like me come to eat.  When you go to a buffet restaurant with a one-plater, you have to eat even more to make up for them.