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Saturday, January 23, 2016

SiriusXM Game Day Spam

In those unfortunate times that I must be on the road during the NFL season, I figure I could at least take advantage of my car's SiriusXM's "game alert" feature that updates you whenever there is a score in your favorite sports game.

SiriusXM describes this feature thusly:

  • Game Alert: Alerts can be set for your favorite sports teams so that whenever SiriusXM begins broadcasting a game in which your favorite sports team is playing, you will be alerted and given the opportunity to tune to the game.
  • Score Alert: When you set a Game Alert for your favorite sports teams, a Score Alert is automatically set also If you are not listening to the game, you will be alerted each time there is a new score in the game, and given the opportunity to tune to the game . Score Alerts can be turned off if you do not wish to receive them.
 A lit "ding" is sounded to let you know when there is a score update.  You can then touch a button on the console screen to see the score update in a pop-up window.  It this is actually how it worked, I would probably enjoy this feature. However, the system often dings and when you click to see the score, it shows the same score (no score change in the game), even worse, it sometimes shows spam like this:

This is not a game alert.  This is nonsense.  I pay for this service, I don't need to be spammed like this.  I will not be renewing SeriusXM when my subscription expires.


Monday, January 04, 2016

Wild Birds Unlimited

There is a new store in my neighborhood called Wild Birds Unlimited. Now go back to that last sentence and look for the noun in the name of the store. Did you find it? Now, guess something that they do not sell in the store!

That's right, you cannot buy Wild Birds in Wild Birds Unlimited. In fact, they do not sell any kind of birds. This gives me an idea for a store. It is called "Auto Parts Unlimited". Before you ask - no, we do not sell auto parts. Sorry about that. But we do have some other driving-related accessories.

By the way, if you want to buy a set of wind chimes and a Christmas ornament at Wild Birds Unlimited this will cost you $121.88.