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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I hate Christmas!

My Christian friends, lend me your ears. Everybody else can skip down to the next post, you already know what I am going to say.

I hate Christmas. For everybody who does not celebrate this holiday, it is quite an obtrusion. I heard a great analogy recently that I'd like to share. Imagine, my Christian friends, that everywhere you go, people are wishing you a Happy Ramadan. And when you try to go shopping, there are people in your way everywhere, praying on their prayer mats. Then, you are forced to take a day off of work on Ramadan Day (I know it's a month, but this is just an analogy), when you would rather have a day off for Christmas instead. Everything is closed on Ramadan Day, so you end up hanging out with other Christians, kinda forcing you to celebrate the holiday in some sense. Oh yeah, your favorite TV shows are in re-run and all that is on TV are shows about Muhammad the Prophet.

I know that most people celebrate Christmas personally and unobtrusively. I am sure it's a wonderful holiday, deep down. But yet, I hate the way it effects me. I've actually had the following things said to me...

Christian: "Why don't you put up Christmas lights?"
Me: "I'm Jewish"
Christian: "So, Christmas lights are not religious?"

Christian: Why don't you put up a Hanukkah bush?"
Me: "Ugh."

Ba Humbug.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Plastic Bubble Wrap From Hell

What is the deal with that obnoxiously hard plastic packaging that small electronics and everything else comes in? I find it extremely difficult to open these packages. You can not rip them open. You can not use standard scissors. The plastic is too hard, and the package is designed with no straight edges to cut. In fact, it seems that they went to great lengths to make sure that you can NOT open the stupid things. Lately, I've been using a pocket knife. It is still a challenge to make sure I don't cut the product or my fingers. Even after you cut a huge opening, you still can't pry it open the rest of the way, the plastic is too hard to rip. Once the package is open, you are just as likely to slice open your fingers with the sharp plastic edges you just created.

That really bursts my bubble.