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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Microsoft Office "Save As" Annoyance

Dear Microsoft,

OK, we already complained about your save-as feature once, but your newer feature is even more annyoing. When a user wants to save an Office document that is marked read-only, you came up with the moronic idea of appending "Copy of" to the front of the file name in the save-as dialog box. Why on Earth would you do that? Don't you realize that this totally screws up the file location as displayed in the directory, which is usually sorted by filename? Don't you realize that the user will append the filename as necessary and gets REALLY annoyed when they forget to delete the "Copy of" append. Please, PLEASE, tell us that there is an option to turn this off! We'd even settle for a registry hack.

You got it right in Windows, where duplicates have a number appended to the end of the file name. Please move some of your Windows developers over to the Office department.