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Thursday, November 17, 2011


I saw a car at a stoplight today. It was one of those cars with a website painted on the side. Presumably the guy driving the car runs the site. Anyhow, the site was

I like free books as much as the next guy, so when I got home I went right to the website for some free books. Here are the options I was offered:

So it is basically the same as Netflix, but for books instead of movies. What the hell? The cheapest option I could find anywhere on the site is $15 per month. Then it ranges all the way up to $71 per month for 6 audiobooks at a time. (Who listens to 6 audiobooks at a time? Are they really expecting that I'll find 5 friends to go in on this proposition with me?)

Bottom line -- If you're the one guy who still thinks that mailing books and CDs around is a good business model, knock yourself out. But please show us both a little respect and don't call it "BooksFree".