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Sunday, December 14, 2014

What the Go Ruck?

On a company retreat last week in Miami, I was pleased to learn one evening that we'd be doing a Go Ruck Scavenger event. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a disappointment.

The first issue was that every participant had to stop working and register an account on the Go Ruck website. This required submitting all sorts of personal information on three different screens, and it took me a few tries to get it to work.

The second problem was the communication of the tasks. They had a pretty cool concept of using an Instagram account and hashtags to take photos of achievements and submit them. However, the sheet listing the tasks was confusing to read, many of the items did not have hashtags associated with them (or several just had the same generic #coolpoints hashtag), there was a whole section of tasks that was too far away with no possible way to achieve them, and there were a handful of tasks that were left off the sheet that we had to manually write down before starting (WTGR?)

Finally, we got to the biggest disappointment of the evening which was a complete deal-breaker for the whole event. After our competitive group ran all around Miami gathering points, it was time to announce the results. The event facilitator (who was not very cheerful) simply announced who came in each place. There was no sheet detailing how the points were achieved, not even on the stupid website that we all had to register for. We pleaded for a breakdown of the results, and all they sent was this screen shot from a phone:

So as I type this, we still have no idea what we got points for, what we didn't, or how any of the teams got their points either. How hard would this be, if someone has already tallied the points anyhow? This entire event had zero legitimacy or accountability.

I think these guys should Go Ruck themselves, so they can experience the frustration of expending so much effort with no results.