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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Southwest Stupidity

I find the latest trend of vendors demanding your email address to be real annoying.

Recently, while on the way to the airport, I needed to add a car rental to my travel arrangements with Southwest Airlines.  The agent would not make the rental arrangement without me giving an email address.  It did not matter that I had no interest in giving my email address.  I would not be reading my email until well after I had rented the car.  I gave them a cell phone# to reach me at, since that would be the only way to contact me until I arrived at my destination to rent the car.

How did rental car companies manage to rent cars before people had email?

If you disagree with me, you can contact me the same way Southwest can, at

Note:  I do not actually have the email address kissmyass@gmail, somebody beat me to it.