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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dr. Pepper Iron Man 2 Promotion - Worst EVER!

Can anybody spot a flaw in this Dr. Pepper promotion...

Edit 05/12: I just purchased another bottle of Dr. Pepper and thought I'd play again for fun..I got the same results. WTF Dr. Pepper? Did you get your doctorate in bullshit?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Witholding Options

It's tax time and I am frustrated again. The most frustrating part of doing taxes every year is Intuit's Turbo Tax. This company is nefarious and devious in their ways. Each year they manage to raise the Bar of Evilness. In this year's product, they attempt to trick you into letting them use your personal tax information for their own devices. Why do I say they try to trick you? Because instead of saying "click here if you want to allow us to use your tax return information to spam provide you with other fantastic offers" it says "click here to allow us to show you more options to get your refund". I'm not making this stuff up. Of course you are tempted to check the box. Who doesn't want more options? Who wants to "miss anything"? I bet most people will click on the box, and then it disappears before they even have time to realize what they have done.

Here is another blogger who more rants eloquently about the situation.