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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Comcast Customer Disservice

As far as customer service goes, Comcast is one of the worst. Their approach to customer service is fundamentally flawed. If you try to call your local service center, you are redirected to their central customer support, and they don't know ANYTHING about your specific local needs.

I had to contact customer service because my cable box is on the fritz. After several iterations of useless by-the-book troubleshooting ("OK, what I want you to do is turn the box off for 30 seconds and then turn it back on..."), I realized my only real option was to return the box and see if a new one works better. This is where things really break down. The customer service representative was not able to too give me the proper location of my local service center (nor did the "Service Center Locator" on the website work). I was given the location of several service centers, but they were not the correct service center. I asked specifically if I would be able to return my box to any location and was told that I could. I tried to call ahead to the local service center, but as I mentioned before, the phone# for the local service center redirects to the main call center. As it turns out, they would not exchange my equipment at the service center I went to because the equipment was different than what they had there. Grr. I went home and called customer service again to find MY local service center, and they simply couldn't tell me where it was. The service rep eventually used an external website ( to track down my local service center.

It is insane that a company doesn't have a directory of its own service centers.

FIOS here I come!