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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Mr. Sensitivity

I hate sensitive men! I mean the real sensitive type.

You know, who get moody and pout when something negative is said to them. Who worry that their jeans make them look fat.

They might as well be women.

Don't get me wrong, women are beautiful creatures. Their differences from men make women special. I can handle a whole lot of sensitivity from a woman, it comes with the territory. Well, my ex-girlfriends would probably disagree. And I bet my current girlfriend (Patti) is rapidly hitting the comment button to put her two-cents in. But seriously, women get a free pass to be sensitive, as long as it's not too extreme.

But from men, I have zero tolerance for sensitivity. Go ahead, flame away! I can take it. My feelings won't be hurt.

That really gets my panties in a bunch!

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