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Monday, August 15, 2005

Slave to the GPS

I'm getting a little bit annoyed by people who buy these expensive GPS navigation systems for their car, but in many cases it causes more trouble than the old fashioned way.

1. I told my sister we were meeting at a park and gave her directions. She said she needs the address of the park so she can punch it in to her GPS. "I don't go anywhere without using the route in my GPS". So I had to go online to look up the street address of the park! Then she couldn't find us because her car took her to a different area of the park.

2. I was late to a business meeting a few months ago, because the colleague I was meeting at a nearby restaurant was almost 30 minutes late. He said "The GPS in my car said I could turn left, but they changed the light into an overpass". If he had checked a map or asked me for directions he would have been fine.

3. I think maps are going to be like analog clocks and arithmetic - a few years from now, no one will know how to use them anymore.

1 comment:

shoshanamom said...

hmmm...I think you made up #1? if I remember it right, I followed you to the park and we found the park by name on the GPS itself. LOL

There are times you do need to not adhere to what the GPS says- it doesn't always have the best route and doesn't allow for things like one way streets.