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Monday, August 22, 2005

Security Measures

For the love of God, let me keep my damn shoes on!

The "no shoes" policy is the best example of one of the worst ideas in security. It's undignified, unsanitary, and poorly executed. I get especially angry at the fact that they do not provide a sufficient space behind the security gate for you to put your shoes back on. And I get a bit queasy thinking about hordes of barefoot people walking through the same spot I'm about to put my feet. Where's the disinfectant? Let me go on the record saying that I am willing to get on an airplane that has a 0.05% chance of blowing up if I can keep my shoes on in the airport (of course, the odds are much less than that).

In general, the cost/benefit value of a security protocol must be evaluated before a measure is implemented. If a security measure is expensive or causes great inconvenience, it better be proven to be effective. Another example from airport security is the ban on all knives. 80-year-old women are getting in trouble for trying to "smuggle" nail clippers on an airplane. Yet, I can easily think of several personal items that can be used as a weapon but would not be blocked at security. This security measure only provides a false sense of security. It would be better if there were no ban on knives (since the ban is ineffective anyway) and alternative security measures were considered.

Another thing that pisses me off is when you are expected to provide volumes of identification. I recently went to a wedding aboard a cruise ship. The security policy required that you bring two forms of ID, your birth certificate and a drivers license/passport. Your birth certificate? Shouldn't a passport be enough?

That really gets me bent out of shape.

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